Will Pawan Talk About TDP after GHMC Elections?


Being in politics may bring power and a lot of money but it also brings its share of challenges and controversies so one has to be very careful in what they say and do. The focus now is power star Pawan Kalyan and all are eager to see his next set of actions.

The recent GHMC elections have shown that Congress is totally gone in Telangana. On one side, Megastar Chiranjeevi is not taking that effort to be a brand ambassador for the party. Even when Rahul Gandhi came, he was not around.

GHMC Elections

GHMC Elections

But this time the elections result is really showing up the public response. There is no majority for Congress and TDP in GHMC elections. The twist in this is Chiru laying behind Congress and Pawan laying behind TDP. Both the parties didn’t have more deposits.

It is clear that politicians don’t stand beside a weak horse. So now, even TDP is gone in GHMC elections. Given this, will Pawan Kalyan try to shoulder them or cold shoulder them. If he supports then Telangana people will criticize him, if he doesn’t then AP people will criticize. Will he behave like Chiru or show his true self, let us wait to see.

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GHMC Elections
GHMC Elections results in Telangana didn't get a good response for TDP and Congress. Now what Pawan Kalyan is going to do become the suspense.