National TV Anchor Rajdeep Sardesai Slapped An Indian While Taking Public Response


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Rajdeep sardesai Provoking Modi supporters in US.Longest and Best Ever quality video of Rajdeep Sardesai Slapped an Indian at MSG. Not a fan of Sardesai…but the way those people were behaving anybody can loose his cool..and he never abused anybody…this is funny when people get slapped because somebody is reporting against their favorite leader or party..even in USA we Indians dont loose our Indian trait of following anybody so blindly…I know most of the English news channels and reports are anti BJP and anti Modi in greater sense … but calling anybody anti national because they report against BJP or Modi is not correct…media is the most important platform and it can shape our thinkings and perspective as ordinary citizen….but government policies as perceived by us are not based on media reporting…yes Government heads can give one or two freebies to ordinary people based on some sensational media reporting but in the end these are based on methodologies and techniques designed by some brilliant servants called civil servants….

So dont follow these parties blindly or abuse somebody because you love some party or person…remember these are just the front end of the great and brilliant backend system in which Brijesh Mishra, A.S. Dulat, Manmohan Singh and Ajit Doval are or were pulling the strings..´╗┐National TV Anchor Rajdeep Sardesai Slapped An Indian While Taking Public Response
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