[Marriage] – Preity Zinta Husband Gene Goodenough Pics, Photos

Priety Zinta Gene Goodenough

[Marriage] – Preity Zinta Husband Gene Goodenough Pics, Photos

Finally Priety Zinta got married on February 29th with her boyfriend Gene Goodenough. From now we have to call Priety Zinta as Priety Goodenough as her husband surname is Goodenough. From long days there is a rumor that Priety Zinta is not getting marry. But now this becomes true. Priety Zinta and her husband gor married in Los Angeles. Sussanne Khan and Surily Goel attend Priety Zinta wedding and they appeared in the Los Angeles on Feb 29th. Also Read For Priety Zinta Gene Goodenough and Priety Zinta Marriage Pics, Priety Zinta Husband Gene Goodenough Pics

Priety Zinta And Gene Goodenough Marriage Date

In a leading magazine they mentioned that Priety Zinta wedding is to be celebrated in the presence of her and her husband close friends and relatives. They also mentioned that Priety Zinta is going to marry her husband again in April with Big celebrations before the IPL starts. Next time Priety Zinta and her husband going to have big band baaja wedding with all the industry people around them.

Confirmed..! Priety Zinta Gene Goodenough Marriage

Finally Priety Zinta open up about her marriage to the media. She finally revealed that she got married to Gene Goodenough and she also posted his husband pic on the social media. Due to the tweet of Kabir Bedi everyone got the news that Priety Zinta is getting married in Los Angeles. But many are in a small doubt whether it is correct or not. But now finally when Priety Zinta open up to the media all the fans and viewers confirm that she got married to Gene Goodenough in Los Angles who is her friend from the last few years. Priety Zinta also wished back to the celebrities and fans who congratulated her for her wedding. She spread her Thankful ness to Abhishek Bachchan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Priyanka Chopra, Kabir Bedi, Sushmita Sen and so on. In her Facebook page she posted ” I was holding on the ” Miss Tag” rather seriously till now, until I met someone ” Goodenough” to give it up for . So now I join the Married Club folks  Thank you all for your good wishes & for all your love Love you all  Ting ! ???? Let the Goodenough jokes begin”. This shows her special interest on the marriage after a long time.

Priety Zinta Filmy Carrier

In the past Priety Zinta had relationship with Industrialist Ness Wedia for long time. After that they got some bitter experiences between them and they apart from each other. Later Priety Zinta is in relationship with Gene Goodenough from 18 months and sources says that he is an American guy who use to attend IPL matches with Priety Zinta. Anyway finally Priety Zinta and Gene got married  and her boy friend turns to her husband now. Wishing Priety Zinta and her husband Gene a Very Happy Married Life to live together lifelong.

Priety Zinta Tweets About Her Marriage

Priety Zinta Marriage Pics

Priety Zinta Marriage Pics, Priety Zinta Gene Goodenough Marriage Relation

In the past Priety Zinta said that she will donate the proceeds from their wedding pictures to Charity. Sources says that Priety Zinta and her husband Gene Goodenough are going to put their marriage pictures in private for auctiond. This proceeds which are going to generate from their privaate photos will be forwarding to Preity Zinta Foundation. This is also a nice idea which will be helpful to the poor in the society.
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Priety Zinta Husband Gene Goodenough Pics, Photos

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[Marriage] - Priety Zinta Husband Gene Goodenough Pics, Photos
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