Jammu is in China for Twitter. How Indians should answer?

Jammu is in China

One of the main reason why social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter have made billions of money is due to the patronage they receive from India. Given that, it is their prime responsibility to respect our position and be aware of our geography and history and culture.

The latest goof up has now come from Twitter wherein they mentioned on their location search that Jammu is in Pakistan and the state of Jammu and Kashmir is in China. This cannot be called as lack of awareness but pure negligence and disrespect. So how should we as Indians respond to Twitter.

Jammu is in China

Jammu is in China

Firstly, all the important celebrities, politicians, industrialists and other VIPs of India should slam from this for what they have done. On the other hand, all the followers must deactivate their account in protest. Perhaps that should bring some change in the situation.

Otherwise there will be ano way to learn up them a lesson. Still there is no clarity that why they updated the location of Jammu and Kashmir is in China. This is totally a negligence or this is their trick to insult Indians is to be known. Let’s wait and see what the people in the Twitter are going to do for this situation.


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Jammu is in China
Recently Twitter updated that Jammu is in Pakistan and Jammu & Kashmir is in China. This really insulting Indians and how Governement is going to react is to be seen.