Gene Goodenough Wiki, Images, Age, Linkedin : Preity Zinta Husband Pics

Preity zinta Marriage Date
Preity zinta Marriage Date

Gene Goodenough Wiki, Images, Linkedin : Preity Zinta Husband Pics

Gene Goodenough recently married Priety Zinta who is the most beautiful actress of Bollywood. They both got married on February 29th 2016. He is a financial analyst in Los Angeles who has the place in the heart of his viewers with his dashing personality. Gene is from Los Angeles, US. He is a management graduate from Marshall School of Business. He worked as Senior Vice President of Finance with US based hydroelectric power company which is very famous in US. The name of the company is Nline Energy. Click Here For Gene Goodenough Images and Preity Zinta Husband Gene Goodenough Pics

Confirmed..! Priety Zinta Gene Goodenough Marriage

Finally Priety Zinta open up about her marriage to the media. She finally revealed that she got married to Gene Goodenough and she also posted his husband pic on the social media. Due to the tweet of Kabir Bedi everyone got the news that Priety Zinta is getting married in Los Angeles. But many are in a small doubt whether it is correct or not. But now finally when Priety Zinta open up to the media all the fans and viewers confirm that she got married to Gene Goodenough in Los Angles who is her friend from the last few years. Priety Zinta also wished back to the celebrities and fans who congratulated her for her wedding. She spread her Thankful ness to Abhishek Bachchan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Priyanka Chopra, Kabir Bedi, Sushmita Sen and so on. In her Facebook page she posted ” I was holding on the ” Miss Tag” rather seriously till now, until I met someone ” Goodenough” to give it up for . So now I join the Married Club folks  Thank you all for your good wishes & for all your love Love you all  Ting ! ???? Let the Goodenough jokes begin”. This shows her special interest on the marriage after a long time.

Preity Zinta Husband Gene Goodenough Pics

Priety Zinta Tweets About Her Marriage

Preity Zinta Husband “Gene Goodenough Images”

Goodenough is very close to his family and he always prefer his family advice in every situation. He got the name of talented Gentleman from his colleagues and society as he achieved alot in a very short time. Gene Good enough has very sweet voice and he is very dedicated towards his work. Gene  supports Priety Zinta in every kind os situation. So only he and Priety Zinta marriage pics are not released to the media. The couple decided to auction their wedding pics to charity, which shows how he supports his wife Priety Zinta.

Preity Zinta Husband Gene Goodenough Images, Linkedin

Gene Goodenough in an interview said that he and Priety Zinta decided about their wedding in five days i.e; from February 12th to February 16th. In the discussion they decided that not to share the wedding pics to the media and they want to donate the amount to the charity. Really he is a gentleman who respects his wife decision before the marriage also.Here the Linkedin account

Priety Zinta,Gene Goodenough First Meet Images

Sources says that Gene met Priety Zinta for the first time in one of her US trip. People around Goodenough says that he supports, encourages and understands Priety Zinta alot. Gene gave company to Priety at IPL matches many time and after the finals he use to come back for his work again to Los Angeles, US.

Gene Goodenough is Friend Or Wood be

Some other people says that Gene is not boyfriend. Before the relation starts they both are good friends, Priety Zinta brother and her niece live in the US and so she used to visit US regularly. So she often had good friends in America and one of the best friend is Gene

Gene Goodenough Wiki,Images

Gene Goodenough Wiki, Images : In the past Priety Zinta said that she will donate the proceeds from their wedding pictures to Charity. Sources says that Priety Zinta and her husband Gene Goodenough are going to put their marriage pictures in private for auctiond. This proceeds which are going to generate from their privaate photos will be forwarding to Preity Zinta Foundation. This is also a nice idea which will be helpful to the poor in the society.
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Gene Personal Wiki, Age, Height, Profession

Full Name: Gene Goodenough
Height: 5’11” (appx)
Birth Place: Los Angeles, US
Wife Name: Priety Zinta
Profession:Financial Analyst.

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