Freedom 251 Phone Kills China Market In India?

Freedom 251

From the time India has become an open economy the invasion of foreign brands and outlets has created a major difference. In the bargain, the local players also suffered their market share. The biggest change came in the form of the Chinese products.

The mobile market in particular has seen a significant domination from Chinese mobiles and fortunately due to their non-performance in some cases, consumers took a back step. But now, another mobile has launched which is a major threat to the Chinese.

Freedom 251

Freedom 251

We are talking about the Freedom 251 smart phone which has been launched by the Indian company Ringing Bells. The bookings have begun and the response to that is overwhelming. If the mobile really works as being mentioned then the Chinese can pack their bags.

Freedom 251 mobile made by Ringing Bells, But this company was launched previous year and they have made separate website for the booking of this smart phone. But Ringing Bells create a new website for freedom 251 booking, Why they will make a separate website for this phone when they could have done all this booking stuff on their own website. . The booking freedom 251 mobile has started on February 18 th 6 am onwards and they receiving 6 Lakhs visitors per second.

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Freedom 251
Freedom 251 mobile creating a sensation and this also giving a shock to the China market. Upto now China mobiles are only the cheapest mobiles but now Freedom 251 beat out the China.