7 Headed Snake In India Going Viral In FB. If Anyone Watch This Snake Before In Your Life


Images of a 7 headed snake, supposedly taken in India, having recently been making the rounds on the internet, while the images certainly do appear to be rather poorly done photo-shops, perhaps there’s some truth to them? Which is it — are they real or fake?
imageThe 1st and most obvious thing to point out about the photo is that the seven heads are very clearly the same exact image. simply cut and pasted multiple times over. It would perhaps seem surprising that such a poorly done Photoshop could fool so many people, but then nobody who has spent much time on the internet should really be that surprised anymore about some of the things that people are willing to believe. Other things to note are the sharp edges surrounding the snake’s heads, and the lighting on the heads. which is completely wrong,

Here Watch Another Footage :