Shocking Video Of The Year 2015

Shocking Video Of The Year 2015

Shocking Video Of The Year 2015

The year 2015 is coming to an end and it is also the time to have a look at how the world has been throughout. Perhaps the biggest attention grabbing issue across the globe is the conflict in Syria. In an attempt to wipe out the Daesh, some collateral damage is also happening.

In that aspect, one video is now being touted as the most shocking video of the year 2015. In this, few Syrian kids are seen crying and calling out the names of their mothers just after a bombing was done and the rubble is yet to settle.

While it is not sure whether it was the Russian or French or the ISIS units themselves, it is the innocent civilians who have to pay the price. The video has become the most heart touching for everyone.

This horrifying footage was posted on Facebook by the Syrian Civil Defense, following an attack on a suburb near Damascus on Sunday.
Two young children scream for their mothers as they escape the aftermath of an airstrike in Syria that left 49 people dead. Burnt out cars and rubble lie the smoke-filled street, as broken electrical cables dangle from above.

Suddenly a terrified child in a red coat appears shouting “mama’ repeatedly before being picked up by a Syrian Civil Defense volunteer and taken to a makeshift ambulance. Seconds later,  another, older boy comes running towards the van in tears. He is heard saying: “I want my mama.”