Pakistani Hindu Warns Like This


These days, the aspects of intolerance and other sensitive issues keep cropping up in our country and there are also those individuals who keep spitting a lot of fanaticism. We know how the AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi talks about the rights of Muslim minorities.

Having said that, it is tough to expect someone speaking strongly about Hindu rights in an Islamic country. And that too in a country like Pakistan which is considered the arch enemy of India. Our knowledge is that we cannot imagine a Hindu speaking in Pakistan.

Pakistani Hindu

Pakistani Hindu

There should be some people to raise these activities. in India we give a great respect to Muslims. But where as in Pakistan there will be no value for Hindus staying there. But as we are the citizens we have the right to ask anything. So some people started out to ask their rights in Pakistan.

However, just like we have Asaduddin, we have some Hindus who speak bravely in the Pakistan parliament. Here is one video which shows that. Though it is an old one it is going viral now because of the way the person in the video is giving a threatening of sorts. Click on the link to watch the video:

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Pakistani Hindu
To have their own rights in Pakistan, one of the Pakistani Hindu asked the Government about the value giving to them.