Half Girlfriend Should Change His Fate


If you have to see how fortune plays games with people’s lives you have to always observe the lives of people in the film industry. A nobody can become a celebrity overnight and the most popular person can become a zero within no time. It is an interesting game that runs here.

Now, the talk is that the fate of India’s well known novelist will be decided by the result of one film. We are talking about Chetan Bhagat and the film is the cinematic adaptation of his book ‘Half Girlfriend’. It is coming with the vegetarian hunk Shahid Kapoor.

Half Girlfriend

Half Girlfriend

Currently, Chetan’s image is down and it is not peak like before. Only when his books become movies the buzz will be there. When his book was made as a film ‘3 id!ots’ Chetan reached the peak form and his next set of books got sold like coolcakes. But after that, his other books didn’t work. So now, ‘Half Girlfriend’ will decide his image.

Some novelist will get the fame with their first book and then it continues with same following. But here for Chetan Bhagat it’s not happening. He got more image with his first book later the sources didn’t review his name more as there are no best novels again.

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Half Girlfriend
Half Girlfriend is the upcoming novel by Chetan Bhagat on which his fate is going to be decided as a successful novelist.