Kavvintha Movie Trailer


Kavvintha Movie Trailer

Kavvintha Movie Trailer has been released recently in Tollywood film industry. The main roles played by Vijay Dharan and Deeksha Panth. This movie is complete love and action entertainment which is going to hit the theaters very soon.

This movie is directed by Vijay Chowdary Tripuraneni and Produced by Puvvala Srinivas Rao. The story and screen play is also done by Vijay Chowdary Tripuraneni. The audio is also good to hear with love songs and super background music in the action scenes composed by Sunil Kasyap.

Kavvintha Movie TrailerThe story revolve in a village between the ancestors. Vijay Dharan is a Lorry Driver who falls in love with his ancestor Deeksha Panth and a love story will run behind them. Later a gangster will be there who will gives a crores of money for sake of a pendrive which have all their secrets.

Some one in the story will have all the details of the villains in a pendrive and villains try to attack him to save themselves. In the meanwhile unfortunately he will die and the pendrive will be lost somewhere. Villains try to search for it by enquiring police and Vijay Dharan. Villains feel that the pendrive is with Vijay Dharan and not giving to them for sake of money.

Kavvintha Movie Trailer

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