Baahubali 2 Trailer And Total Story Prediction By Filmy Focus

Baahubali 2 Trailer And Total Story Prediction By Filmy Focus
Baahubali 2 Trailer And Total Story Prediction By Filmy Focus

Baahubali 2 Trailer And Total Story Prediction By Filmy Focus

Here Is the few more Baahubali Predictions by fans

The most important cliff-hangers in the movie are these –

1) The honorable and ever-loyal, Kattappa, murdering his King, in what seems to be a fiery war scene, is the most shocking bit of information. He has always been loyal to the throne, and I don’t think he has forgotten his vows.

Guess 1 – Baahubali doesn’t become the King.
Guess 2 – Kattappa receives orders to kill Baahubali from the Rajamaatha Sivagami herself.
Guess 3 – He kills the King for the Greater Good. But this seems unlikely, as obeying the King is the only duty he knows/understands.
Guess 4 – Kattappa takes revenge on Baahubali, because as a kid Baahu tried to eat away all the food Kattappa had in his plate, thus making him stay hungry.

2) Sudeep’s brief scene as the Weapons/Arms Seller, who befriends Kattappa in the initial stages of the movie is an obvious clue. He will be summoned to help Shivudu, and supplies arms and ammunition to Shivudu’s army to take on Bhallala Deva.

3) The backstory of Devasena – This is obviously a triangular love story between Baahubali, Bhallala Deva and Devasena. Since she is the princess of the Kunthala Kingdom, she will play a major role in alliance-building.

4) The rebels of Kunthala in their hide-out have come in the open. And, maybe, Avantika will be revealed as the princess-heir to Kunthala. So, Shivudu will get to marry the Princess of Kunthala, thus forming an alliance with this kingdom.

5) Sivagami announces in the starting prologue, that she has committed unforgivable crimes, but we know her as the epitome of justice. Maybe, she betrays Baahubali for her own son, Bhallala, because Bijjala Deva emotionally blackmails her. (We don’t know this yet)

So, the story, with the above information and cliffhangers, is –

First Half will be the Flash-Back, where Baahubali is crowned the King of Mahishmathi Kingdom, and Bhallala Deva is made the Chief-Of-Army as was concluded in the first part. Now, a marriage alliance comes from the Kunthala kingdom, or there might be a Swayamvar (Mahabharat style), where both Baahu and Bhallala participate for the hand of Devasena.

Maybe in the Swayamvar, Bhallala wins with his prowess with the mace, but Devasena falls in love with Baahu and she wants him instead. This further intensifies the conflict between the two brothers. This might irritate Sivagami also, since she is the epitome of justice, and clearly Bhallala deserves Devasena. She gets into a dilemma between ‘Duty’ and ‘Love’, and she leans towards Love. She tends to favour the humane side, than just the word given.

Then, Maybe within a song, Baahu and Devasena marry, and by the end of the song, Devasena is pregnant with a child.

But, Sivagami still is angry/confused, as justice wasn’t done to Bhallala, and for a brief moment, she supports her own son over her other foster-son.

In this moment of helplessness, Bijjaladeva emotionally blackmails her and makes her command Kattappa to kill Baahubali in the coming coup. Rana, who is now fully irritated for the partiality shown to Baahubali, threatens him and starts a battle, and in the middle of this fight, Devasena gives birth to Shivudu. Kattappa kills Baahubali, by literally stabbing in the back, on the orders of the Rajamaatha, and Bhallala captures the Kingdom and enslaves Devasena.

Sivagami sees the horror of her actions, and so will try to save the innocent child. She runs away from the kingdom with the help of Kattappa, goes through the cave and reaches the tribal village, where she sacrifices herself to save Mahendra Baahubali, which was shown in the prologue of the first movie.

OR, as Ravindran Mudaliar has pointed out –

Baahubali falls in love with Devasena, who is the princess of Kunthala kingdom. But, Sivagami does not approve of this relationship because Devasena’s kingdom and Mahishmathi are enemies and the King can not marry an enemy’s daughter.

Baahubali still marries her and because of which Sivagami orders him to step down as the king. As what he did was not what a Mahishmathi king is permitted to do, so he readily steps down and Bhalla is announced the new king.

After marrying her, Kunthala kingdom gets angry and accuses Mahishmathi of kidnapping her princess and goes to war with them and during the war Bhalla orders Kattapa to kill Baahu for the revenge of marrying Devasena.

They win the war and Devasena gives birth to Shivudu at the same time. Kattapa informs Sivagami why he had killed Baahubali. Sivagami then realizes her mistake, and understands that Shivudu will be killed by Bhalla and takes Shivudu with him and runs away and we start from the first scene of part 1 here.

Second half, will start from the scene where we left off in the first movie. Shivudu now understands his whole story, and now he starts assimilating his Army to take on his uncle Bhallaladeva.

He finds out that Avantika is the Princess-heir of Kunthala kingdom, his mother, Devasena was the Queen of Kunthala and so, the army of Kunthala becomes his. He also gets support from the guerilla-warfare rebels. He also forms a tribal army with his own villagers.

So, he starts accumulating all the three factions and creates an innovative army. Here, Kattappa summons Sudeep who provides them with world-class weapons, because of his friendship with Kattappa.

During this time, Rana gets to know that his son was beheaded by Baahubali’s son, and becomes extremely angry. He has also lost his enslaved hostage, Devasena, to him. So, he starts preparing for War.

The last 40 minutes will be another epic battle scene in the same war-ground. But this time, it will be Rana defending the Mahishmathi kingdom, and the true heir, Shivudu with his army, who will be attacking the Gates.

This War won’t be as conventional as the one in Part 1. Part 1 war was a military genius, who only well-trained soldiers, who are disciplined enough, can perform the tough Trishul-Vyuh. Shivudu’s army of tribals and guerilla-rebels will be much more innovative and refreshing, who arent as disciplined as the soldiers, but are much more passionate.

War From the First Movie was wholly the usage of military tactics, against the horror-inducing Kalakeya tribe. This image is a nice depiction of the brilliant War scene.

The Lion sigil is of Bhallala, and the Horse sigil is that of Baahubali.
The second part, will have the Horse going against the Lion.

Shivudu will use all kinds of new, novel types of fighting to take on the superior battle-hardened Mahishmathians. It will be a fight between Discipline and Passion. A fight between Evil and Good. A fight for the ultimate Revenge.

That Battle will be a treat to watch I guess. The ending is always bittersweet. Kattappa would die to save Shivudu, thus cleaning himself of his sin of killing his father.

And then, later, in the end, Rana and Shivudu will have a final hands-on fight, where Rana will be defeated, by the superior natural mountain-climbing strength that Shivudu has. And, after getting defeated Rana is burnt in the same pyre which Devasena had been making in her cage.

And then, all people will cheer, Shivudu marries Avantika, and the whole realm lives happily ever after.

Do you guys think there might be more changes in the story? Do comment and let’s discuss and fine-tune this. 😀