[Romantic Thriller] – Shourya Telugu Movie Review, Rating, Talk, Manchu Manoj

Manchu Manoj Shourya Movie Review
Manchu Manoj Shourya Movie Review

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[Romantic Thriller] – Shourya Telugu Movie Review, Rating, Talk, Manchu Manoj

Shourya Telugu Movie Review And Rating 2.5/5 : Shourya Telugu Movie movie set to release on March 4th 2016. this movie was directed by K. Dasaradh, lead roles are Manchu Manoj, Regina Cassandra,  Prabhas Srinu. Shourya Telugu Movie is a Romantic thriller which was produced by Malkapuram Shiva Kumar under the Suraksh Entertainment banner, dialogues given by Gopi Mohan. Now we are given for “Shourya Movie Review”

After long Manchu Manoj releases his movie Shourya in theatres, Earlier Dasaradh makes only family movies, but now he change his attitude and make a romantic thriller movie. Let’s look about how was movie ? What is story ? how was Manoj and other cast and crew performance.

“Shourya Movie Review” and Rating :

Story :

Story : Shourya (Manoj) from middle class family, and he is highly educated who is in deeply love with Nethra(Regina). but Nethra father didn’t accept for their love due some reasons, then they were decide to run off from their family. But unfortunate Nethra being murdered. That murdered case files on Shourya, he was in trouble. Director, story filled with some interesting twists and fast narration especially in second half. Did Shourya really kill Nethra? What is the actual story ? To know answers to these questions, you need to watch the film.

Performances :

Manchu Manoj carrier best performance given, he plays dual shade role, especially in interval screen, very good screen presence and he looks good. He should be trying out something new. Coming to Regina, she looks so pretty. One of the major role in this film Prakash Raj as an CBI officer, performance wise don’t say about him. Prabhas Srinu plays a role for brother in law of Nethra. In first half his comedy of the best positive point.

Behind the Screen :

Coming to Direction, generally he is one of the best family director, but this time he was changed his path, and movie makes in different path. Story direction wise OK. but he failed to audience feel the that thrilling effect. First half was slow narration and boring. The BGM is OK in few scenes. Songs are very bad, Gopi Mohan dialogues are just Ok. DOP is Good and production values are good. Editing and screenplay are also jerky

Positives :
  • Manchu Manoj
  • Second Half
  • Climax
  • Comedy in First Half
Negatives :
  • Direction
  • Slow Narration in First Half

Rating : 2.5/5

User Rating : 2/5

Shourya Telugu Movie Cast

  • Manchu Manoj Kumar
  • Regina Cassandra
  • Banerjee
  • Brahmanandam
  • Hema
  • Nagineedu Vellanki
  • Subbaraju
  • Prabhas Srinu
  • Prakash Raj
  • Sandhya Janak
  • Satya Prakash
  • Shakalaka Shankar
  • Shayaji Shinde
  • Siva Reddy

Crew :

Director K.Dasaradh
Story Writer Gopi Mohan
Screenplay Sai Krishna
DOP Malhar Bhatt Joshi
Music K.Veda
Editing S.R.Shekar
Producer Malkapuram Shiva Kumar
Banner Suraksh Entertainment

K. Dasaradh Earlier Movies

The movie trailer have already get good response, so movie created huge hype in filmnagar. Earlier K. Dasaradh mage superb feel good films like Sambaram, Santosham, Family  Circus, Mr.Perfet and Greeku Veerudu.

Manchu Manoj About Director

Now team up with Manchu Manoj and Regina Cassandra, in this movie Manchu Manoj plays the role name as Shourya and Ragina palys the role name as Nethra, and Prabhas Srinu Plays best supporting role named as Bhadram.

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Shourya Telugu Movie Review
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