Right Right Movie Review, Rating, Story, Public Response – Sumanth Ashwin, Pooja Jhaveri

Right Right Movie Review
Right Right Review

Right Right Movie Review, Rating, Story, Public Response – Sumanth Ashwin, Pooja Jhaveri

Right Right Movie Review || Right Right Review

Right Right Review:- Right Right Telugu Movie is all set to hit theatrs on June 10th 2016. Right Right is an accident chasing mystery movie. It features Sumantha Ashwin, Pooja Jhaveri, Kalakeya Prabhakar and other. In this movie sumanth plays a bus conductor and Prabhakar plays as well as bus driver. Right Right movie is remake of ‘Ordinary’ Malayalam movie. The movie is directed by debuted director Manu under the Sri Sathya Entertaimnets. produced by J Vamsi Krishna, music composed by J.B(Jeevan Babu). Scroll down for “Right Right Movie Review”

Right Right Movie Cast & Crew

Lead Roles
  • Sumanth Ashwin
  • Pooja Jhaveri
  • Prabhakar
  • Dhanraj
  • Shakalaka Shankar
  • Nassar
  • Manu
  • J Vamsi Krishna
  • J.B(Jeevan Babu)
  • Shekar V.Joseph
Production Banner
  • Sri Sathya Entertainments
  • Darling Swamy
  • S B Uddhav

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Right Right Review || Right Right Movie Review


Sumanth plays character named as E.Ravi, basically he dream is aspires to become a police officer. But his father death, due to financial problems he was joined as a bus conductor. For new comers only one shift per day. that’s why, he is selected for Gaviti bus conductor.Only one trip per day for those who newly join the gaviti Eve, the same as the root, but the root of duty are better. The driver of the bus that goes to the root of gaviti time but can not eppudostundo tigiri SESHU (kalakeya Prabhakar). Because the bus driver for a bus to go to that place, conductor? S move toward the city to the public. The same bus? In the regular? As the Kalyani (worship javeri) falls in love with Ravi.Jhaveri). Everything is calm prevailed at the time of Ravi accidentally, injured survivors of a person lying under the bus. The root of the fear that the man would end the case? Jeep driver coming in? To the hospital to be? He asked to join in the drive to get out of there. After that, the person who has fallen under the bus gaviti sarpanch visvanath know that God’s son. Ravi jeep entered the valley of the dead whom Deva appears to the outside of the city. Ravi to take over the offense. .. How to die Deva? Ravi got to get out of the case ..? There is the rest of the story.

On Screen Performances 

Performances wise, this time Sumanth Ashwin selected a acting scope character. mainly in emotional scenes he shows his acting skills. there no scope for heroine character, bus performances wise she is Okay. Prabhakar and all other performances wise okay.

Off Screen Performances

Debuted director Manu’s direction okay, but his screenplay was very slow, this reason audience to feel bore. Manu’s right right movie first half runs with some love screens with slow narration.  Shekar V.Joseph cinematography is good. he is succeed to capture village atmospheric screens. J.B music is good, editing is just okay, Sri Sathya Entertainments production values are good.


  • Sumanth Acting – Some screens
  • Cinematography


  • Slow Moving Story
  • Screenplay

One Word About Movie

  • There is No Speed in movie


                  LadduZ Rating : 2.25/5.

                  User Rating : 2/5.

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Right Right Movie Review – Live Updates

  • Right Right movie just started with run time of 120 minutes long
    Date & Time : 09:30 AM June 10, 2016
  • Sumanth Ashwin makes an entry as simple bus conductor
    Time : 09:35 AM
  • Baahubali fame Kalakeya makes an entry as a bus driver
    Time : 09:40 AM
  • The movie is runing slowly and enter into main story
    Time : 09:50 AM
  • Movie Heroine Pooja Jhaveri makes a simple entry
    Time : 09:55 AM
  • Movie is moving slow manner, and this time first song Rangula Rangula
    Time : 10:25 AM
  • Intervel ends with super twist
    Time : 10:40 AM
  • Post interval, another twist in the tale is revealed
    Time : 10:50 AM
  • Ashwin and Prabhakar find themselves in an accident case
    Time : 10:55 AM
  • The second song , Bhoogolam Bantilaga
    Time : 11:00 AM
  • The movie turns into to chase a accident case
    Time : 11:05 AM
  • Another song, Penumantallo Chiruguvva
    Time : 11:10 AM
  • A big plot twist is being showcased now
    Time : 11:15 AM
  • Movie movie to climax with big twist
    Time : 11:25 AM
  • Movie Ends with positive point. stay on for complete review
    Time : 11:30 AM

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Right Right Movie Review – Live Updates

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