Pelli Choopulu Movie Review | Pelli Choopulu Review | Pelli Choopulu Rating

Pelli Choopulu Movie Review
Pelli Choopulu Movie Review

Pelli Choopulu Movie Review | Pelli Choopulu Review | Pelli Choopulu Rating

Pelli Choopulu Movie Review/Pelli Choopulu Review/Pelli Choopulu Telugu Movie Rating: Pelli Choopulu is one film which has made a considerable measure of a buzz of late. Right from the day the trailer finished, this movie has gotten positive input. The lighthearted comedy is coordinated by Tarun Bhaskar and has Vijaya Devarakonda and Ritu Varma as the principle leads. How about we now see whether the film satisfies the buzz that it has made. ‘Pelli Choopulu Movie Review‘┬áComplete review given below.

Pelli Choopulu Review
Pelli Choopulu Review

Pelli Choopulu Movie Review | Pelli Choopulu Review


Prashanth(Vijay Devarakonda) is a gay youth who takes things simple in life. He wouldn’t like to take the crowd attitude and points of turning into a culinary specialist. Seeing his happy state of mind, his dad chooses to get him wedded and fixes his partnership with a profession arranged young lady called Chitra(Ritu Varma). To Prashanth’s misfortune, Chitra uncovers to him that she is not keen on getting hitched and needs to begin a nourishment truck business. A disillusioned Prashanth, leaves the situation and chooses to proceed onward in life and finds yet another young lady in a well to do family. However, there as well, he gets frustrated as his future father in law requests that he start up his own business first and afterward seek his little girl’s hand. Left with no decision, Prashanth looks for Chitra’s assistance and begins a nourishment truck business in the organization. Of course, Cupid strikes between the two who now have diverse individual objectives. Rest of the story concerns how this couple takes care of their personal issues and get joined at last.


One of the brightest resources of the film is without a doubt the freshness. Right from the movie all characters to the setup, everything looks so contemporary and good. Credit ought to go to the executive Tharun for composing some wonderfully carved parts for each performing artist in the film. Vijay Devarakonda is brilliant as Prashanth and is a performing artist to keep an eye out for later on. Being only his second movie, the way he has depicted his befuddled character says a lot of his ability. His science with Ritu is just astonishing and is likewise the offering purpose of the film. The way the couple speaks and institute their parts is simply stunning to watch on screen. Ritu Varma shocks you as Chitra. Her part as the robust willed free young lady conveys a spring to the procedures. She holds the screen with her wonderful feelings and in the meantime looks lovely. The supporting cast makes a brilliant showing with regards to in the film. Particularly Priyadarshi, who plays saint’s sidekick, is a treat to watch. Every one of his discoursed and jokes inspires beautiful snickers all through. In the first place, half of the film is entirely splendid and has some exceptionally windy minutes. The romantic tale of the couple and the way all the angry scenes showed with lots of freshness is the thing that snaps with this film.

Technical Analysis:

Pelli Choopulu is a standout amongst the most well-made film in the late times. Be it the composition or the sentimental scenes that Tharun portrays, this movie looks urban yet in the meantime, the Telugu nativity and flavor has kept in place. Tarun Bhaskar’s smooth bearing makes this film take another jump as far as narrating in Tollywood. Direction Of Photography work is the first rate as is the workmanship bearing. Creation qualities are brilliant as the film looks very rich. Foundation score by Vivek Sagar is excellent, yet his music is just about alright. The screenplay is a tremendous resource the same number of scenes have described in a rigid way.


As in each romantic tale, this film is additionally very unsurprising in its tendency. The pace of the movie plunges a bit amid the second half. Pelli Choopulu is not the regular business performer which you run over every day, and a particular area of the group of onlookers may discover it too moderate. There are scenes which look dreary, and this could have been managed effectively in the second half.


  • Rating : 3.75/5

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