Oka Manasu Movie Review, Rating, Public Response About Niharika Matured Performance

Oka Manasu Movie Review
Oka Manasu Movie Review

Oka Manasu Movie Review, Rating, Public Response About Niharika Matured Performance

Oka Manasu Review | Oka Manasu Movie Review | Oka Manasu Telugu Movie Review

Oka Manasu Review/Oka Manasu Movie Review: 2.25/5, Anchor turn actress Konidala Niharika debut movie Oka Manasu telugu movie is all set to release on theaters on Friday (June 24, 2016) on world wide. Oka Manasu movie written and directed by Rama Raju Gottimukkala under the Madhura Entertainment. This movie getting huge buzz from tollywood, first time heroine came from Mega family. Movie produced by Madhura Sreedhar Reddy, Dr Krishna Bhatta and A Abhinay under the Madhura entertainment banner and presented by TV9 Ravi Prakash. Already movie audio getting good response from telugu audience and music composed by Sunil Kashyap.

Oka Manasu Review
Oka Manasu Review

Oka Manasu Movie Review | Oka Manasu Review


Sandhya(Niharika) is a specialist in Vizag who begins to look all starry eyed at a trying lawmaker called Surya(Naga Shourya). The youthful couple hit it off immediately and fall neck somewhere down in adoration. Sandhya dislikes Surya’s enthusiasm for governmental issues which continues getting in the middle of their romantic tale.

Turn in the story emerges when Surya gets included in a trick and winds up in prison for the following three years. What happens to Sandhya amid this time ? Does the romantic tale go to pieces ? what’s more, how do things emerge at last. To know answers to these inquiries, you have to watch the film on the extra large screen.


One of the greatest resource of the film is the crisp matching of Shourya and Niharika. Both these performing artists look dazzling on screen and are the significant highlight. Their science and exhibitions holds the film more often than not. Naga Shourya is without a doubt the highlight of the film. He plays an exceptionally complex character and the way he holds his feelings all through the film is very praiseworthy.

Niharika makes a super certain introduction. She has striking screen nearness and has additionally done outstandingly well in the acting division. Be it her non-verbal communication, great looks or the way she took care of her unpredictable part, it says a lot of her ability and is a brilliant accomplishment for a debutante.

Melodies and wonderful visuals of the film is yet another significant highlight. Particularly the melodies convey the film forward and the way they have been shot on the lead pair is great. Rao Ramesh is OK in his character. Peak of the film is somewhat hard hitting and conveys great feelings.

One of the greatest bad marks of the film is the moderate pace. The film takes for ever to experience its procedures. For regular gathering of people, it will definitely test their understanding. Length of the film is likewise a bit too long the same number of scenes could have been altered.

One needs to get associated with such stories other shrewd they can wind up escaping. However another significant downside is the absence of show. The executive neglects to mix any sort of show or different clashes focuses to give this romantic tale the vital push or earnestness.

For the peak to be so difficult hitting, there are no solid components in the whole film which could prompt such and closure. The different strains and weights that a couple face truly have been disregarded. Oka Manasu likewise looks somewhat obsolete now and again and the producers ought to have set it amid the 90’s to acquire a reasonable variable.

Technical Analysis

Credit ought to go to the heavenly camerawork which showcases the film stunningly. The montage shots, discussions between the couple and reasonable scenery of Vizag have been executed well. Altering is underneath normal as there are various scenes which could have been slashed off. Discoursed are magnificent as is the music by Sunil Kashyap. Each tune regards hear and has additionally been shot well.

Going to the chief Rama Raju, he sets the film in 2016 however the procedures help you to remember the 90’s. On the off chance that he had the set the film amid that time, the discussions and peak would have been absolutely authentic. Adding to this, he portrays the film with such a snail’s pace, to the point that it vexes the gathering of people now and again. Yet, credit ought to go to him for giving the lead match some remarkable characters and anticipating them in a radiant light.


  • Naga Shourya And Niharika Chemistry
  • Story Line
  • Direction Of Photography
  • Climax


  • Slow Drag
  • Some Scenes are Need to trim

LadduZ Rating : 2.25/5

Oka Manasu Movie Review – Live Updates

  • Hi to every one, movie just started with run time 146 minutes long
    Date : June 24, 2016 Time : 09:00 AM
  • Naga Shourya makes simple entry from jail
    Time : 09:10AM
  • Konidala Niharika also makes simple and cute entry
    Time : 09:15 AM
  • Movie movies flash back after Avasarala Srinivas and Pragathi entry
    Time : 09:20 AM
  • It’s time for first song, Hrudayama…. song is good to listen and picturization is also too goo
    Time : 09:26 AM
  • Some interesting romantic scenes are rolling now, between Naga Shourya and Niharika
    Time : 09:30 AM
  • It’s time for second song….O Manasa…
    Time : 09:45AM
  • Some interestings scencs and one twist rolling now…entire movie run on simple point
    Time : 09:53AM
  • To many political scencs are running on screen, Rao Ramesh and Naga shourya scencs are very interesting
    Time : 10:02 AM
  • Interval with interesting twist…and Niharika performance not like a debunt performer
    Time : 10:15 AM
  • Post Interval, first scene is Nagineedu nakes an entry.. and some political scencs are rolling now
    Time : 10:24 AM
  • Yet, Time for third song…picturization is quite good and Naga Shourya and Niharika pair leading note of the movie
    Time : 10:33 AM
  • Some comedy scencs are rolling now, after Vennala Kishore entry, too funny scencs are rolling between Vennala Kishore and Naga Shourya
    Time :10:40 AM
  • Simple twist came and small problem their love story
    Time : 10:47 AM
  • Movie completely runs on Naga Shourya and Niharika performances and they maintain emotional perfectly
    Time :11:00 AM
  • Movie movies to serious note, and interesting scenes are running on screen very serious manner
    Time :11:06 AM
  • Film movies to climax note..with some interesting twists…
    Time : 11:11AM
  • Here, hard hiiting emotional scencs are running between Niharika and Naga Shourya….The pair carriing emotional, looks too good
    Time : 11:22 AM
  • Movie Completed ….Stay on LadduZ Media for Complete Review
    Time :11:30 AM
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