Guntur Talkies Review And Rating | Live Movie Updates

Guntur Talkies Review And Rating - Guntur Talkies Story, Public Talk, First Day Collections
Guntur Talkies Review And Rating - Guntur Talkies Story, Public Talk, First Day Collections

Guntur Talkies Review | Guntur Talkies Rating

Guntur Talkies Rating, much awaited movie in Telugu was released today And getting good response everywhere. Guntur talkies movie was supposed to release on 26th March, but due to some reasons the movie preponed to 4th March 2016. The Film certified at Censor board as CBFC – A. Due to some Adult content in Songs and some dialogues this movie got ‘CBFC – A

Guntur Talkies Story :

This Movie story entirely belongs to a village. though this movie named as Guntur Talkies, total shooting was taken in ‘Hindu poor’ which is in Ananthapur Dt.

Coming to the Guntur talkies movie characters in this film, Hero Hari (Siddhu) is a village boy and he is having a old aged friend Giri (Naresh). They both together do pick pocketing and thieving small things in that village. Suvarna (Anchor Rashmi) also belonged to the same village. Hero Hari have crush on suvarna. He will do very naty things to impress Suvarna and to get her love. The scenes between Hero Siddhu and Heroine Suvarna are so romantic and funny and also having some ladduz content.

Guntur Talkies Movie Twist :

Once Hero Hari and his old aged friend Giri robbered a house. that house belongs to a big rowdy or dada in that village. his name is Jackie (Mahesh Manjrekar). After knowing that hero and his friend are the thieves, he kidnapped both of them to recollect what they have stolen. but here will be a big twist in the movie. Shraddha Das character will be a highlight of the story. She played as Revolver Rani in this movie. Her character will be completely different from the earlier characters of her. Her character should see on the screen only. You’ll miss the feel, if we reveal about that character.

After the Interval the story will revolve around the twists and fully funny scenes. At the end climax will be a thrilling to every audience.

Guntur Talkies Rating

guntur talkies review and rating
guntur talkies review and rating

Guntur Talkies Review: Live Movie Updates

Guntur Talkies Movie Plus Points :

  • Actors and actresses gave 100% of their performance in this movie, particularly Anchor Rashmi.
  • Rashmi’s hottest scenes and romantic songs between hero and heroine.
  • Some unexpected twists would be very thrilling to the audience.
  • Praveen sattaru’s new direction formula.
  • Music given by Sri Charan, is fabulous and attracted people.

Guntur Talkies Movie Minus Points :

As of now we didn’t find any negatives in this movie, If you find any mistakes or unnecessary scenes or the scenes which are having explicit content please write them below in comment section we’ll add them in this review..

Music Review :

Songs composed by Sricharan, are attracting Telugu audience. Some songs are very special in lyrics and photography. Especially, Nee sontham song getting good response from all young people.
Watch Nee Sontham Video Song Teaser here.
Oo suvarna song also getting good response from mass audience. Rashmi acted perfectly in this song..
Watch Oo suvarna Video song Teaser here.

Guntur Talkies Public Talk :

People are supporting this film with whistles and claps for every scene. Looks like Guntur Talkies Movie satisfied Telugu people in every aspect.

Guntur Talkies First Day Collections :

As of now the statistics not yet received. we’ll be in busy to get those details and we’ll update soon. stay tuned friends..

Guntur Talkies Cast & Crew :

Cast: Reshmi Gautam, Siddhu, Shraddha Das, Naresh, Mahesh Manjrekar, Ravi Prakash, Raja Ravindra, Raghu babu, Snigdha.
Director: Praveen Sattaru.
Music: Sri charan.
Producer: Raj Kumar M.

Guntur talkies Rating 3/5

Taking all into consideration We are Giving 3 out of 5.

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Guntur Talkies Review And Rating | Live Movie Updates
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