Gentleman Movie Review: Rating First On Net | Nani Is Gentleman For This Movie

Gentleman Review
Gentleman Review

Gentleman Movie Review: Rating First On Net | ‘Nani’ Is Gentleman For This Movie

Gentleman Movie Review | Gentleman Review | Nani Gentleman Telugu Movie Review

Gentleman Movie Review/Gentleman Review/Nani/2016: 3.5/5. Nani Latest telugu movie is all ready to hits theater on Friday (June 17, 2016) on world wide. ‘Gentleman movie’ directed by ‘MohanKrishna Indraganti’ under the SriDevi movies banner. Produced by Sivalanka Krishana Prasad and music given by ‘ManiSharma’. Earlier MohanKrishna teamed up with Nani for ‘Asta Chamma’ movie. That was first hit in Nani’s carrier. It features ‘Nani, Surabhi, Nivetha Thomas, Revathi, Avasarala Srinivasaro’ and other. Scroll down for “Nani Gentleman Review” given below.

Gentleman Movie Cast 

  • Nani as  Jayram Mullapudi
  • Surabhi aa  Iswarya
  • Nivetha Thomas as  Catherine
Gentleman Movie Review
Gentleman Movie Review

Gentleman Movie Review | Gentleman Review


Jayaram Mullapudi(Nani) is big business man at Jay Gowri Company at his young age and received the Young enter prenyur award for his business talent and also good human being. This good qualities of Jayaram, one of the managing director of other big industries owner (Surabhi father) decide to marriage arrange with his daughter Iswarya(Surabhi). At the time their marriage before few days Iswarya met her friends she went to London. At time of Iswarya return, She met Catherine(Nevatha Thomas) and good friend to her short period of gap in that flight. They both are exchange their own love stories. After flight landed, Jayaram is coming for to receive Iswarya at the airport, Catherine is shocked for Iswarya boyfriend (Gautham) is same as it is to her boyfriend. She is in that shock, she’s mobile rings and hears another shocking news is her boyfriend dead in an accident. From the source of new reporter she knows the that was not an accident, it was pre-planed murder. How to died Gautham ?, Nani is Hero or Villain ?, Who is killed Gautham ?, What is relation between Jayaram and Gautham is rest of the story.


Nani plays dual shade role in this movie Jayaram as a revised and Gautham as energetic character plays very well. He is performed as two shade of character is very well. Nivetha Thomas also performed very well, mainly in she in lost her boyfriend and to investigate her boyfriend murder case she carried emotion very well. Surabhi and all other characters very well.

Technical Analysis

First of all we appreciate the ManiSharma Back ground score, his back ground score tales movie into next level. Director taking is good in first half, but in second half he maintain twist and reveals screenplay good. Editing quite good and P G Vinda handles the Direction of photography in all scenes. Music director Mani Sharma does’t take care on songs when compared to BGM, songs are just Okay. Sridevi movie banner production are quite good.


  • Mani Sharma Back Ground Music (BGM)
  • Screenplay
  • Nani Performance
  • Second Half
  • Direction


  • Some scenes in First Half
  • Songs

One Word About Movie

  • If you want see Nani’s another side of acting…..Just go and watch “Gentleman Movie

—->  LadduZ Media Rating : 3.5/5.

Gentleman Movie Live Updates | Gentleman Movie Review | Nani Gentleman Review

Gentleman Movie Review | Gentleman Review | Live Updates

  • Hello every one, The movie has started, it is run time is 144 minutes long…..
    Time : 09:05 AM Date : 17 June, 2016
  • The movie title are rolling now, with serious and powerful back ground by ManiSharma
    Time : 09:10 AM
  • Movie Screen starts with Airplane Shot, In that flight, we see makes an entry of Heroines Surabhi and Nivetha Thomas
    Time : 09:12 AM
  • Nivetha tells her love story to Surabhi
    Time : 09:15 AM
  • Here’s The Nani makes an entry as funny and he is fall in love with Nivetha in his first sight.
    Time : 09:20 AM
  • Some romantic scenes are rolling now in between Nani and Nivetha Thomas.
    Time : 09:25 AM
  • Some Interesting comedy scenes are rolling now, between Nani and Surabhi.
    Time : 09:35 AM
  • Movie moves to Kodaikanal
    Time : 09:42 AM
  • It’s time for second song, Chaligali Chuddu, Kodaikanal locations are very beautiful, and once agian we will appriciate ManiSharma for his slow feel melody.
    Time : 09:50 AM
  • WoW….Super twist in tale now, movie interval ends with suoer twist.
    Time : 10:00 AM
  • Post intervel, that twist takes movie into next level, here second half starts now
    Time : 10:12 AM
  • Movie moves into serious mood, and Indraganti brilliant screenplay helps to movie with so many unkown doubts
    Time : 10:30 AM
  • Third song running now, marriage song, it is qiute okay.
    Time : 10:40 AM
  • Vennala makes an entry as software company MD
    Time : 10:45 AM
  • Some heliorus comedy scenes are rolling now, between Vennala Kishore and Satyam Rajesh.
    Time : 10:50 AM
  • The movie turn to thrilling part and movie running with interesting things
    Time : 10:55 AM
  • Some interesting scenes rolling in between Nani and Surabhi
    Time : 10:58 AM
  • Some interesting twists are rolling now. Avasarala Srinivas makes entry as a Investigate Officer, and he is inivistigate the Nivetha for…?
    Time : 11:02 AM
  • It’s time for last song of the movie, Saturday Night Fever Song
    Time : 11:04 AM
  • Many interesting scenes are rolling now, between Nani and Avasarala Srinivas Rao
    Time : 11:15 AM
  • Movie ahead to climax and all twist are revealed one by one
    Time : 11:25 AM
  • Movie Ends with all revealed twist. Stay on for Full review
    Time : 11: 36 AM

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