Youthful Efforts Of Aged Music Director Raghu Kunche

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Music Director Raghu Kunche

Music Director Raghu Kunche

Music Director Raghu Kunche is a successful music director with his youthful music. In the film industry, whatever the faculty is, attempts to look young are required because that sets a very positive vibe. So, here is one music director who is touching nearly 50 but he can easily pass off as a thirty year old.

He is none other than Raghu Kunche and when he made his debut with the movie ‘Yours Lovingly’ he was near his 30s. Now, he is touching nearly 50 but even at this age, he is youthful, putting up pictures in social media and causing buzz.

Those who are close to him reveal Raghu had lot of passion towards acting but he could not get a big break. However, his career as a music director is good. He also has close friends like Puri Jagannadh in the industry so life is going good for this youthful aged music director.

Music composed by him still remind his memories of college days and school days for many people. Even the special songs like Anduke Ramanamma, Mayadari Maisamma are made from his memories. The names used in many of his songs is related to his relatives and his cute crushes of college days. This year also should have a great break as music director.

Raghu Kunche
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Music Composer