Young Hero Raj Tharun To Beat Pawan-Mahesh?

Raj Tharun To Beat Pawan-Mahesh

Raj Tharun To Beat Pawan-Mahesh with his fourth film in Tollywood. There will be no objections raised when we say power star Pawan Kalyan and superstar Mahesh Babu currently hold the number one position in Tollywood industry. They have sizeable blockbusters in their credit along with hat trick hits.

But now, there is a talk that one young hero might just beat both Pawan and Mahesh. This is in terms of setting a new record. Well, the two big stars have got hat trick hits but their fourth film has not worked that way. This young hero might just break that.

Raj Tharun To Beat Pawan-Mahesh

Raj Tharun To Beat Pawan-Mahesh

He is none other than Raj Tharun and he is arriving with the movie ‘Sitamma Andaalu Ramayya Sitraalu’ and there is a very positive expectation on the film. Raj Tharun is pairing up with Malayalam beauty Arthana Binu. Let us see if Raj really creates that record or not by scoring four consecutive hits.

This movie audio launch is held recently and this movie is going to release soon. Look of Raj Tharun is completely different in this movie. He just looks like Road Side Romeo in villages. His look and the movie scripts and acting are almost making him to beat up the seniors. So soon he can beat them with his tremendous acting.

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Raj Tharun To Beat Pawan-Mahesh
Raj Tharun To Beat Pawan-Mahesh with his new movie Sitamma Andaalu Ramayya Sitraalu and if this movie is hit then he beats up the record of Pawan and Mahesh.