Why Indian Students No To UK Studies?


There is no special information required on the craze and fancy Indians have for foreign countries like USA, UK. They also adopt a template strategy of going there for Masters, find a job and settle down never to return. As irrelevant as it may be here, it also leaves many old and grown up parents alone here.

Anyhow, the trend has been changing in the last year or two and recently many Indian students were deported from US despite having the right paperwork. Meanwhile, UK has now opened up their doors for Indian students announcing many scholarships as well.

Indian Students No To UK Studies

Indian Students No To UK Studies

However, it is heard that the Indian students are not interested. This is because there is no job opportunity though studies are okay. Majority people go there mainly for education and job. The filthy rich people will go and return but ordinary people want to settle there. Since there is no scope for job they are not opting. No matter how many openings are there, job opportunities must also open.

Because there is a high competition for Job in India. So people use to go UK for study and job. As the situation for job is down in UK Indians are preferring here to study and get the job with their own profile.

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Indian Students No To UK Studies
As the job Opportunities become less in UK, Indian students are not moving to UK even for higher studies also.