Who Will Bother About Vangaveeti?


The last few days saw quite a bit of sensation happening among the media circles, political circles and film circles. The reason for that is the announcement of the new film ‘Vangaveeti’ by the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma which is a true story.

This has to do with the caste war which led to the death of many big names in Vijayawada during the late 80s. While some are still skeptical, few rationalists are raising a question- who will bother about this film. They state that for the current generation this story is irrelevant.



As for the older generation, it is an old story so who will connect. The age group of 35 plus and 50 onwards only will connect to this story. Since it is a biopic, some other factor such as Kamma- Kapu should be used to grab attention. If RGV can get the youth then film will be a success. Also, the family and lady audience will not come. This is something even the producer is aware of.

By making this movie there will be entertainment for many level of audience. Even though RGV is very much interested to work with this movie. It is because he was very much interested to get out the many facts about the Vangaveeti family.

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This movie not able to attract the women audience and youth so easily. But still the work is going on this movie. Let's see what happens!