Who Leaked the Srija Marriage Pics?

Srija Marriage Pics

Whenever an image or a video of a famous film celebrity comes onto the Internet, it gets a massive response. And if it deals with a very private event of a celebrity then the attention and excitement is double. Recently, one set of pictures created the same buzz in Telugu states.

It is the leaked pictures of the marriage preparations of Srija, daughter of Megastar Chiranjeevi. Sources say the marriage is scheduled to take place this month and the pre-wedding formality snaps were leaked onto the Internet. It showed some nice pictures of Srija and others.

Srija Marriage Pics

Srija Marriage Pics

This has led to a discussion as to who was responsible for leaking these pictures. While some got very serious here is the truth. It is heard that nobody gave the pictures intentionally. It is just that some guests snapped the proceedings and put it on their personal ids and they got transferred from there.

Photos leaked from Chiranjeevi’s home while on Pasupu Kunkuma ceremony day, Going viral on social media, Chiru fans are really enjoying and they are very happy by watching this smiley face of Chiranjeevi. Whole family members enjoying this marriage, seems like a festival is going on in Chiranjeevi’s house.

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Srija Marriage Pics
Recently Srija Marriage Pics are going viral in the social media. These pics are taken by some guests and posted on their social media networks.