Where Are Bahubali Lyricists?


Bahubali Lyricists

Bahubali Lyricists not having the better opportunities even after the huge success. All of you are aware on the impact and sensation the magnum opus ‘Bahubali’ created after its release. Overnight, all those who are part of the movie became celebrities and the talk of the nation. But the talk now is about one group of this movie.

They are the lyricists and they are Chaitanya Prasad and Inaganti Sundar. Chaitanya Prasad wrote ‘Manohari…’and Inaganti Sundar wrote the powerful ‘Evvadanta evvadanta….’. While Chaitanya Prasad is managing with songs occasionally, here is the interesting part.

Bahubali LyricistsSundar’s song is nowhere to be heard even after giving such a super hit song. While some say it would be only a matter of time before he would bounce back, few others are still unable to figure out why the lyricists have gone completely silent. Only Bahubali team should now whether they are taking a chance in Bahubali 2 or not.

After the huge success of Bahubali world wide it bought more name and fame for the actors in that movie. Even there is a great demand for the actors of that movie in the film industry. But only the Lyricists have no fame outside. They didn’t even grabbed a single opportunity from outside the film industry after that movie.

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Bahubali Lyricists
Bahubali Lyricists not able to grab a single chance in the film industry after the huge success of Bahubali part 1 movie.