What’s Happening In Puri Jagan’s Home?

Puri Jagan's Home

Puri Jagan’s Home

Puri Jagan’s Home is mostly filled up with happiness. Most of the times speed director Puri Jagannadh is in headlines for his movies but there are those times when his personal life also comes into focus. Recently, the episode between him and charming beauty Charmme hogged attention.

Recently, Puri reportedly drove Charmme out of his camp and this has shifted the focus towards his home. Sources reveal he has become free from Charmme’s disturbance and he is enjoying time with family with a holiday abroad.

Buzz is that his wife Lavanya is on cloud nine because Puri’s behavior has changed significantly. Now that change would be seen in his movie making style as well. Close sources reveal Lavanya is having tears in her eyes after seeing her hubby becoming a family man.

Because always Puri is busy with movies in his production house and now he got the time to spend with his family happily and his wife Lavanya is so happy for this reason. After a fresh backup from the home, Puri will also have a new scripts with new ideas this time.

So that from now Puri may also concentrate on the story script with the dialog formation too. Anyway after breakup with Charmee it is good to hear that Puri is spending his time with his family.