What Should Be Akhil’s Next?


It was with great hype and hoopla the debut of Akkineni Akhil was announced and the film was also titled as ‘Akhil’. Though the attempt was good, the film resulted as a cost failure. At the same time, few statements of flak were also seen regarding the content.

So, a lot of focus is now on what is going to be the next movie of Akhil and how it should be. Many feel trying to establish Akhil as a commercial hero with mass elements is just not right. They say that he must do roles that suit his body language and image.



Few others are suggesting he should do films that have class and it should be more urban than carry too much nativity. Once Akhil proves himself as a performer, then he can attempt the commercial roles and shape up his career. Let us see what happens.

Akkineni Nagarjuna is taking care of the scripts of his son next projects becuase his first movie is not reached the expectations. So this time they are trying to exhibit a love story with some class look. So if it takes time for the second movie the script should be very much impressive for the fans of Akkineni.

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