Watching TV as vulgar in RGV SingleX


Sensational Director Ram Gopal Varma creates a sensation with his any work. He know how to give publicity for his movies. That is the reason why Ram Gopal Varma used to be in the news with his different tricks.

Every time when the people think that Varma work is over in the industry, then he will come with some sensation and grab the attention in the viewers by some news. His career started with the movie Shiva and this creates a special hit for him in Tollywood.

RGV SingleX

RGV SingleX

After Tollywood he went Bollywood. If he see a flop in Bollywood then he will come back to the Tollywood. This is the repeating procedure for Varma from the beginning. Latest Varma is coming with SingleX short film. He just want to earn more by this short film, so he just doing different things.

He just releasing the cool stills one by one onto the social media. Recent poster is a girl watching the TV as a vulgar. No one know what the short film is going to have which type of script. But the posters are grabbing the attention of the viewers in an other way. The expectations on this short film is increased. Let’s see what happens!

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RGV SingleX
RGV is coming up with SingleX short film which is creating a sensation in the social media. The posters of this short film is grabbing the viewers attention more and more.