Villain Acts Of Sr Heroes

Villain Acts Of Sr Heroes

Villain Acts Of Sr Heroes

Villain Acts Of Sr Heroes is the trend following in Tollywood Movies . After becoming a hero, sustaining that position for long becomes a challenge and while quit at some point, few take an alternative route. This is happening extensively in Tollywood with some senior heroes indulging in villain acts.

The list begins with Prime Star Jagapati Babu, the handsome Suman, family star Srikanth, dialogue king Sai Kumar and few others. In between, action king Arjun was also seen as a villain in Mani Ratnam’s movie.

The industry pundits say this is indeed an interesting trend because the audience gets a variety experience. Among the youngsters, Energy star Posani Sudheer is making his debut as a villain in Bollywood while rocking star Manchu Manoj might be seen as a full length villain in a Telugu movie.

As there are no more offers as heroes some of the actors want to fulfill their name and fame with the other type of characters. Those people who just don’t want to spend their life as character artist are getting entry as Villains and playing lead role equal to heroes.

By this villain role also people are getting successful and fans also happy to see their lovable actors still in the movies along with lead roles.

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Villain Acts Of Sr Heroes
Senior Heroes acting as Villains in the upcoming movies and blasting their hero records as villains. Fans are also happy to see their herows acting in multiple characters.