Venkatesh To Los Angeles For Muscles?

Venkatesh To Los Angeles

These days, more than the acting quotient, the big priority for all the heroes is to look physically fit and maintain that throughout their tenure. Some heroes have taken that extra step and shaped themselves with six pack muscles too. But can senior heroes also do the same thing?

Yes, if they wish to. Right now, there are reports that victory Venkatesh might have to go to Los Angeles for a special purpose, to build muscles. The reason being, he has signed up for the remake of the latest Bollywood release ‘Saala Khadoos’ featuring the chocolate hunk Madhavan.

Venkatesh To Los Angeles

Venkatesh To Los Angeles

It become the fashion to have the six pack and muscles for the heroes in their movies. But the fact is there will be lot of hard work behind the screen to build such type of body. Each and minute they will struggle for that. Even there will be great change in their diet also.

Reports say Maddy who played the role of a boxing coach went to Los Angeles for developing that boxer kind of muscles. Since he is middle aged, there is a buzz that even Venky might go because he is doing the remake. It would be interesting to see Venky in this new avatar if he really does that.

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Venkatesh To Los Angeles
Our senior hero Venkatesh went to Los Angeles to build up muscles for his next movie which is a remake of Saala Khadoos.