Venkatesh Namo Venkatesa Title For Nagarjuna

Namo Venkatesa

It is a common practice to use titles of yesteryear and black and white era cinemas for the new age movies. But there are also times when the film titles of one hero of today’s time are used for another hero. This is happening now in the Tollywood circuit.

Few years back, victory Venkatesh came up with the film ‘Namo Venkatesa’ and this was directed by the jackpot hit director Sreenu Vaitla. The film didn’t really create wonders at the box office but the title is now being used by none other than King Akkineni Nagarjuna.

Namo Venkatesa

Namo Venkatesa

Reports reveal that Nag’s new film with Romantic Rushi K Raghavendra Rao is going to be titled as ‘Namo Venkatesa’. This title is most apt because it is a devotional film that would show Nag in the role of Hathiram Baba. Let us wait for the confirmation though.

Both Nagarjuna and Venkatesh are the successful top heroes in the film industry. Both of them have their own strategy of acting. Also they both have the fans following in the peak stage. There will be a high competition between the film actors when they choose other hero songs and title. Let’s see what Nag going to do with Venky title.

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Namo Venkatesa
Namo Venkatesa is the movie title of Venkatesh in the past. But now Raghavendra Rao want to have the same title for Nagarjuna new film in which he plays Hathiram Baba role.