Vegetarian Bodybuilder Sonu Sood Air Walk


There is a perception that in order to grow good muscles and a strong body, non vegetarian diet is important but that is not so. There are many fitness freaks who are hard vegetarians and still have a great body. You can find them in the entertainment industry.

The best example for that is the chiseled hunk Sonu Sood. You may be surprised to know this but Sonu happens to be a strict vegetarian and a fanatic of fitness. He keeps following different types of workout patterns and here is one interesting act.

Sonu Sood Air Walk

Sonu Sood Air Walk

Sonu has come up with an air walk workout and the video can be checked out on his Twitter profile. Those who know him closely say he is not just adept at fitness but knows exactly what it takes to build a perfect muscled body using vegan diet.

Sonu Sood is such a wonderful actor in the film industry. He maintain himself with vegetarian food and this also got his body perfect with full range of fitness. He proved himself with Arundathi movie. Even in one of the awards function he just pulled out his shirt and showed his muscles which become the most beautiful part in the show.

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Sonu Sood Air Walk
Sonu Sood has build the six pack with a perfect fitness by eating only vegetarian food. He never eats non vegetarian but still he is capable to build the six pack.