Varun And Sai Dharam Playing Musical Chair

Varun And Sai Dharam

Varun And Sai Dharam

Varun And Sai Dharam waiting for their luck to be tested. You know how the game of musical chairs works wherein two people vie for the same spot. Something like that is happening right now in Tollywood and it has to do with the heroes of the mega compound.

There is a talk making rounds that mega prince Varun Tej and supreme hero Sai Dharam Tej are having a musical chair contest of sorts. The prize to win is a role in the much talked about movie ‘Sardaar’.

According to reports, the duo is trying hard for a brief cameo in ‘Sardaar’ featuring power star Pawan Kalyan. The objective is, a small presence in this powerful film will elevate their stardom to a new range. Let us see who gets it.

Everyone in the family is eagerly waiting to know which young hero will get the chance. Finally two names came into the list with Varun and Sai Dharam Tej. Now its time decide one from them. Who will get this chance may have more luck for their film career to grow more.

This opportunity will help them to grow their career with more fame in the film industry. Acting with Pawan Kalyan is simply not a chance for Mega Hero. It is really based in their luck. Let’s see who will share on screen with Pawan Kalyan.