‘Vangaveeti’ Title In Tension?


For any film the title holds the key because it is the tool which sends the right kind of waves among the audience. So, a lot of thought goes behind locking a title. But sometimes, few titles tend to create a lot of issues and controversies so care must be taken in that regard.One title which is now raising eyebrows is Vangaveeti.

This film will be directed by the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma. Reports now say the title is doubtful because that surname as title is not acceptable. Some of the seniors in film industry say censor board may object to the title.



Those who have the surname may also object because it could cause caste related issues. If one can recall, when Ram Gopal Varma put ‘Bejawada Rowdylu’ as the title, protests came and it was shortened to ‘Bejawada’. Maybe ‘Vangaveeti’ will also go through something similar.

Already reports reveal this has triggered a constant fight between the Kapus and Rajus. On one side, the Kapu groups say to the Rajus “Your person has put our hero’s name as title. He wants our person for his money.” For this, the Rajus are retorting saying “Nothing like that, he is sure to come up with some parody and spoof certaintly.”

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Vangaveeti is an upcoming film in Tollywood which creating many ruptures due to the title. Caste issues are more after declaring the title.