Vangaveeti Brings Rupture In Bhimavaram


Vangaveeti is an upcoming film in the film industry. Films are meant to be treated as films but it is not the same for cine buffs. They have a lot of emotional connect with it and sometimes it also leads to caste issues. This seems to be the situation in Bhimavaram due to one film.

We are talking about the movie ‘Vangaveeti’ and reports reveal this has triggered a constant fight between the Kapus and Rajus. On one side, the Kapu groups say to the Rajus “Your person has put our hero’s name as title. He wants our person for his money.”



For this, the Rajus are retorting saying “Nothing like that, he is sure to come up with some parody and spoof certaintly.” Ironically, nobody is sure what the real storyline of the film is but they are already getting into rupture. Fortunately, few elders came and stopped the issue.

This Vangaveeti title has been declared by Ram Gopal Varma and this is his upcoming project. Always Ram Gopal Varma used to have controversy but this time his title itself creating the controversy between the normal people. On the name of the caste stupid people starts to fight and this becomes a biggest rupture in Bhimavaram.

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Vangaveeti is an upcoming flm and the title become the controversy in Bhimavaram by two people on the name of the caste.