Upendra And Vishal With RGV

Upendra And Vishal With RGV

Upendra And Vishal With RGV

Upendra And Vishal With RGV making the people more excite in the film industry. He may not have any decent hit to his credit in the recent past but that has not brought down his reputation even by one percent. He is none other than the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma and here is an update.

It is heard that the Kannada star Upendra and the Tamil star Vishal are in line with RGV from quite a while. Sources reveal they are meeting RGV regularly so we have to wait and see if something is going to materialize.

Whenever RGV goes to Bangalore Uppendra comes and meets him and when Vishal comes to Hyderabad, he makes it a point to meet RGV. Twist is, RGV is shifting to Mumbai so it has to be seen whether he will work something out with these two or not.

Whenever RGV come to bangalore Uppendra is having a special meet up with him and when Vishal coming to Hyderabad especially he is meeting RGV for a long time. This is a casual meet or any movie meet should be revealed up only by those people.

It will be a great combination if RGV made a film with Uppendra and Vishal. If any movie is made like this then it helps RGV to release the movie in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada languages at a time.

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Upendra And Vishal With RGV
Regular meet up of these people creating a sensational news that they are trying to make a movie very soon.