Two Comedians On Pawan Kalyan Spoof

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Pawan Kalyan Spoof

Pawan Kalyan Spoof are going crazy in some of the movies. Since the last year or two, it has become a trend of sorts that whatever power star Pawan Kalyan does in his films, that is imitated and it comes out either as a spoof or something else. The latest from him happens to be the still from his new movie ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’.

The poster release shows Pawan wearing Khakhi uniform and holding a white horse. This poster became a crazy hit among the masses. Now the same has been adopted by two noted comedians and it is coming as a spoof.

Pawan Kalyan Spoof

Pawan Kalyan Spoof

First in the list is Shakalaka Shankar and he is seen imitating the same pose of Pawan Kalyan in the movie ‘Jathakalise’. Second is the list is Hasya Brahma Brahmanandam for another film. Buzz is that before ‘Gabbar Singh’ arrives, Shankar and Brahmi’s movies will come in comedy.

Most of the people are enjoying this comedy whereas some of them are started to criticize the spoofs. After few days we have to see that whether Pawan Kalyan fans are going to react for these spoofs or not. In a positive way this helps out Pawan Kalyan to show his craze around the film industry. In negative way people are criticizing Pawan Kalyan with spoofs.

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Pawan Kalyan Spoof
Creating spoof basing on Pawan Kalyan movies increasing the movie level and this is going to continue with Brahmanandam also.