Tuntari Movie Worked with PKC Formula


The recent release Tuntari has the variety hero with baritone voice Nara Rohit along with the new beauty Latha Hegde in the lead. This is the first time Rohit attempted something very light hearted and fun filled. The film is remake of a Tamil flick ‘Maan Karate’.

The response to the film is quite positive and more than the film many say it is the strategy used in promoting the film that contributed more. They say Tuntari has used ‘Prema Katha Chitram’ formula. When ‘PKC’ came all went to theater thinking it is a romantic story.

Tuntari Movie

Tuntari Movie

It was projected as romantic treat and only after sitting inside, it got revealed that this is a horror movie. Similarly, Tuntari was also projected as a mass movie but actually it is socio fantasy and this element has sprung a surprise on the audience.

Tuntari directed by Kumar Nagendra and produced by Ashok and Nagarjun. Lead roles are Nara Rohit, Latha Hegde, Kabir Duhan Singh. Nara Rohit also choose an entertaining role and tried to implement as his best. His acting and comedy timing are very good in the first half of the movie. The story revolves around Boxing concept which change the life of Nara Rohit in the movie.

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Tuntari Movie
Tuntari movie is worked out in the theaters very well. This movie followed Prema Katha Chitram movie formula. All thought this as Mass movie but actually it is socio fantasy movie.