Tuntari Movie promotions by Diamond Girl

Tuntari Movie

The saying ‘Diamonds are Girl’s best friends’ was coined many decades ago but till date it is the most apt statement for girls. Taking that as the cue, one film team came up with a contest named as Diamond Girl. We are talking about the film Tuntari.

They announced this contest wherein boys need to send the picture of their favorite girl along with their nickname to the Tuntari team. The lucky draw will announce the winner and they get a diamond. This contest struck a chord with the Tollywood.

Tuntari Movie

Tuntari Movie

The response to this contest came in an overwhelming manner and the team is quite happy with the reaction to their strategy. Now that the contest has drawn enough attention, let us wish the film also pulls enough crowds when it releases on March 11th.

This shows the movie promotion in a new way. Previously there are many type of promotions like going to each area and meeting the people directly. But now the game contest has become one of the most beautiful way. This shows the movie unit strategy and confidence among the movie. Let’s hope the movie should attain a block buster hit and some girls should get the diamond.

Diamond Girl

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Tuntari Movie
Tuntari Movie team has conducted the Diamond Girl contest to attract the viewers towards them. This creates a new trend setter for Tollywood movie promotions.