Trisha Nayaki Song with Raghu Kunche shows romance behind horror

Trisha Nayaki Song

When a horror film is on the cards to hit the screens, many will expect only a dose of fear and terror from it. But there is one heroine who is giving it a very different touch with her presence and voice. She is none other than the petite beauty Trisha.

We are talking about her new film Nayaki which is coming as a bilingual. It is known that the film is a horror extravaganza so it will be interesting to see how Trisha will scare the audience because this is her first film in this genre. But there is also some good news for her fans.

Trisha Nayaki Song

Trisha Nayaki Song

Trisha has made her debut as a singer through this film and the interesting part is, she has sung a romantic song for this film. The music is being composed by the talented and versatile Raghu Kunche and this song is going to be a highlight in the film.

Now a days it is fashion for the actors and actress to sing a song in the movies. Now in the same list Trisha also joined. This movie is a horror thriller and this is going to entertain the audience very soon. Let’s wait and see for Trisha special appearance with song!

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Trisha Nayaki Song
Nayaki is an upcoming movie in Tollywood and Kollywood. In this special movie Trisha is singing song along with Raghu Kunche and this become the special interest for this movie.