Tollywood Celebs On Hyderabad Heli Tour

Hyderabad Heli Tour

The city of Hyderabad has always been a fascinating destination not just for tourists but also for those who wanted a peaceful and beautiful city to settle. Now, new initiatives are being taken up to make this city even more attractive to the visitors.

The latest in that happens to be the Hyderabad Heli tour wherein you can have a view of the entire city by sitting in a helicopter. This is said to be a twenty minutes ride and you have to pay around Rs 3000 to enjoy this unique experience. Now, another update has arrived.

Hyderabad Heli Tour

Hyderabad Heli Tour

It is heard that few Tollywood celebrities have been approached to try this new initiative. They would take the chopper ride, take a selfie and talk about it in social media. This is sure to create a lot of hype and media buzz which would in turn attract the regular people.

Everyone who have the interest to get into the helicopter at-least once in a life time will surely go for this ride. This is because mostly middle class people will have to ride in helicopter but they can’t spend more money. So if this cost a bit more also they will get into this and enjoy the ride.

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Hyderabad Heli Tour
Heli tour is the new concept introduced in Hyderabad. There is a special ride for Rs.3000 which shows the beautiness of Hyderabad by taking in the Helicopter.