Tensions Of Film Directors On Bench


To those of you who belong to the software industry the word ‘Bench’ doesn’t require an explanation. In fact, that is one word none of the IT guys want to listen. Well, it means there is no project on hand and the employees have to sit idle which will put them at risk of losing their job.

The same ‘Bench’ also applies for the film industry and it is usually for the directors. Here, the situation is more challenging. It is taking nearly two to three years to get another chance if a director is scoring a flop. The situation is the same even for a star range director.

Directors On Bench

Directors On Bench

So, popularity will be there but there will be no money. At the same time, compromise cannot be made on lifestyle because cinema industry is all about showing off and flaunting. That way, many film directors who are on bench right now are facing lot of tensions in terms of survival.

As there are no opportunities for some directors they are feeling a lot of struggle in the film industry. Some people are remembering some director names without any movie making. This is because they may have some block buster hits in the past but there is no opportunity now to survive.

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Directors On Bench
As there are no full fledge opportunities some directors are feeling that they are on the bench like software people which represents there is no work.