Taming With Censor Board for Vangaveeti

Censor Board for Vangaveeti

Though Indian cinema is growing by leaps and bounds in terms of technology and standard, it is also doing a lot to push the bold content onto the silver screen. Fortunately, the censor board is putting an iron leg to ensure things don’t go out of hand.

But now, one man is coming in full attention because he is known to come up with controversial stuff. He is none other than the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma and his latest film ‘Vangaveeti’ is bound to create a lot of disturbance.

Censor Board for Vangaveeti

Censor Board for Vangaveeti

In the past, Ram Gopal Varma has managed to sneak his way through the censor iron gates and release his film and this time also he needs to work on it. How he is going to do that and whether he will be able to schard through smoothly or not will be answered in the days to come.

This is because the film has to do with the infamous Kamma-Kapu political war which took place in Vijayawada and gave rise to new era of rowdyism and killing. Fact is, the majority of Tollywood comprises of only these two communities so you can understand the reason now.

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Censor Board for Vangaveeti
As there are many controversies about the movie Vangaveeti. All are waiting for the movie to complete and see what sensor board is going to say.