Tamil Star Karthi Grabbing Direct Telugu Movie Offers

Tamil Star Karthi

The southern stud Siddharth created a wave by becoming the first Tamil actor in many years to gain a direct market in Telugu states and Tollywood box office. Even before him and after him, naturally many Tamil heroes appealed here too.

Their dubbed films were always received well and brothers Karthi and Surya gained good mileage here. Now Karthi has gone one step ahead and acted in a direct Telugu movie Oopiri which is becoming a good hit.

Tamil Star Karthi

Tamil Star Karthi

Sources say that there is a lot of focus on Karthi as he is considered an asset and one of the success factors for the film. There are reports that Karthi is getting flooded with good number of offers by many film makers for direct Telugu movies.

After the release of Oopiri many are impressed with Karthi performance. Really the character played by Karthi is heart touching and after watching the movie many viewers feels that no one can replace Karthi role in Oopiri. The bond and relation between Karthi and Nagarjuna on screen and off screen is keep on going now. They both are in good brother relationship after finishing up the movie. Hope Karthi gains more offers from Telugu from now onwards along with the Tamil movies.

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Tamil Star Karthi
Karthi is one of the Tamil star in Kollywood. After releasing Oopiri film in Telugu viewers are very much impressed and more number of Telugu movie offers are getting for Karthi now.