Tamil Hero Surya Wishes To Telugu PRO


Surya Wishes To Telugu PRO

Surya Wishes To Telugu PRO B A Raju. The role of PRO in the film industry is usually not heard or seen but he is responsible for bringing the required amount of limelight and attention to a film. So, most of the PROs are hardly recognized for their efforts because it’s their job.

However, one PRO has changed such perception with his initiatives and efforts. He is none other than B A Raju and he is the number one PRO in Tollywood. Recently he achieved a major milestone by doing PR for 1000 films.

Surya Wishes To Telugu PROAlong with that, he has also started a new website Industryhit.com and for this he got wishes even from neighbouring industry stars. First in the list is the coolstar Suriya and he tweeted his best wishes to B A Raju. This goes to show the Telugu PRO’s power.

B A Raju is going to put Superhit film magazine successfully which shows up the most popular film weekly updates. He established Super hit friends banner and producing films. His wife Jaya also turned into Direction and upto now she directed three films. He also working as supervisor for his wife Jaya’s films like Sawaal. He had a special respect in the film industry for his work.


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Surya Wishes To Telugu PRO
Surya Wishes To Telugu PRO for his hard work and for bringing the movie promotions to the films.