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There was a time when horror movies were all serious and they gave sleepless nights to the audience. Due credit for that should be given to the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma who came up with movies like ‘Raatri’ ‘Daiyyam’ ‘Vaastu Shastra’ and others.

But now, the genre of horror is seeing new changes because filmmakers are mixing a lot of fun and humor in them. It all started with ‘Prema Katha Chitram’ and the formula is still being followed. Now, another filmmaker is coming up with a naty ghost tale.

Chilipi Dayyam

Chilipi Dayyam

He is none other than Saikiran Adivi and it is heard that his next film has been titled as ‘Chilipi Dayyam’. As the title indicates, this is a fun oriented horror entertainer. The film has Sai Kiran’s brother Adivi Sesh as the protagonist while Sukriti of ‘Kerintha’ fame is the leading lady.

Now people are highly interested with horror movies because there will be a high level comedy without fear. The scaring scenes will be in less counts and there will be more comedy scenes in the movie with ghost. So the viewers also not scaring for watching such type of movies and this producing more number of films with same concept.

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Chilipi Dayyam
Chilipi Dayyam is an upcoming film in Tollywood which is based on horror comedy directed by Saikiran Adivi.