Sweet Laddu: Shraddha Das coolness and Cuteness


Shraddha Das is one of the most beautiful actress in Tollywood. You would find a coollooking girl or a cute looking girl but it is very rare that you get to see a combination of both in one person. But Tollywood has got one actress like that and she is none other than Shraddha Das. As you can see, Shraddha is posing for the lens flashing her cute smile but her eyes have got that blaze of passion and coollooks. To top it all, it is her slender figure which is a delight for the viewers as they watch her onscreen. Enjoy the treat!

Shraddha Das

Shraddha Das

came from Mumbai, Maharastra. She did Mass Media Degree in Journalism. During her studies itself she actively participated in doing workshops in theater. In the free time she used to go to theaters and work over there for some time. Before training for the ads she acted up in many advertisements like McDowells, Aristocrat and so on.

Her entry into Tollywood is by Siddhu from Srikakulam movie which got up her new fame in glamour. Later within six months she signed up about four movies like Love Story, Diary, Adhinetha, Arya 2. But she got a hit break by Arya 2 movie which is directed by Sukumar.

Shraddha Das
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