Sweet Laddu : Red And Ravishing

Sweet Laddu

Sweet Laddu

Sweet Laddu in the Tollywood appears as Regina Cassandra. Whenever a woman wears a red color it tends to bring out the best in her and this is more of a passionate color. So, imagine what would happen if a beautiful actress sports that. Here is the expressive seductress Regina Cassandra sporting a red saree and as you can see, she is the perfect blend of grace, beauty and homely cool appeal. While she smiles endearingly, it is sufficient to loot the hearts of all men.

Regina Cassandra really has a special appearance among the heroines in the film industry. Her acting style and dancing all have an special grace. She recently came up with Soukhyam movie in which her bond towards hero is shown in a different manner. Even though there is love in her she didn’t express to him and she feel happy for getting love from the same person.

This revolves a different story in the movie. Regina Cassandra is going to accept new projects soon and starts her schedule in the year 2016 with fresh energy. Really she is very cute while appearing in this red saree. She looks very simple and charming in this saree. May more offers she can grab with her cuteness very soon.