Sweet Laddu: cool Cowgirl Yami Goutam Run

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Yami Goutam

It is a great vision of machismo when you see a cowboy riding a horse with his long boots and leather pants. But when a girl does that, it gives a totally different kick. Here is one starlet who has become a cool cowgirl and running along with a stallion. She is none other than the yummy beauty Yami Gautham and as you can see, Yami is also giving a good view of her beautiful navel and her well toned legs. While she runs in delight, the hearts of the viewers are racing faster.

Yami Goutam

Yami Gautam is an actress who acted up in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Punjabi and Malayalam languages. Her father is Mukesh Goutham who is a director in Punjabi film industry. Also her sister Surilie Gautham is also an actress. She started her acting in 2010 in Kannada film. Later in 2012 she acted up in Bollywood.

Her dream in her childhood is to become IAS, but in the age of 20 she decided to settle up as an actress and then she joined full time acting class in London. In telugu also she acted up in few films. Those films didn’t get a great response but she got good fame for her acting. She is highly popular by Fair and Lovely Ad to all the viewers.

Yami Goutam

Yami Goutam
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