Swathi Naidu Prostitution support so Openly by Pointing Chammak Chandra

Swathi Naidu Prostitution Support

The entertainment industry is all about glitz and glamor but behind this shine is another murky world which is dark and abhorring. The casting couch syndrome has been quite prevalent in film industry and though it is not spoken in open, it exists.

There are those actresses and heroines who are actively involved in that line but never utter a word for obvious reasons. But here is one actress who has come into the open and supported prostitution. She is none other than Swathi Naidu, the internet ladduz sensation.

Swathi Naidu Prostitution Support

Swathi Naidu Prostitution Support

Swathi scoolto fame as the Telugu version of Savitha Bhabhi and her online videos are quite popular. Recently, she came up with a video wherein she has very openly spoken and supported prostitution. The entire video is going viral and many are taken aback with her boldness.

Also in her video she pointed Chammak Chandra that he is using the girls for his own reasons and not paying to them. She said that girls are coming for the opportunities and people are using them by saying that we will offer chances. But no one gives them the chance and not paying for using them. She openly said that if you are using a girl just pay them money to satisfy their needs.

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Swathi Naidu Prostitution Support
Swathi Naidu supports prostitution of the actress so openly in a video and she pointed out the people who are not paying money to them after usage.