Suspense Surrounding ‘Nannaku Prematho’

Nannaku Prematho

Nannaku Prematho

Nannaku Prematho movie reveals the susupens around it audio launch. From the time it was announced, right from the title to the look of the protagonist, a lot of curiosity has evolved on the movie ‘Nannaku Prematho’. This has young tiger Junior NTR in the lead and it is helmed by logic director Sukumar.

Now, there are reports that a lot of suspense is surrounding the film and many are confident some of it would be cleared tomorrow. Well, tomorrow is the audio release function of the movie. The movie is going to release for Sankranthi as a gift to the fans in the new year.

The suspense element is the genre of the movie and what kind of storyline it contains. Based on the songs, some want to calculate the flavor of the movie. The music is by rock star Devi Sri Prasad so get set for this.

Devi Sri Prasad music has become an plus point to the movie Nannaku Prematho. This makes the audience very happy to have the blast music from the NTR. NTR acting is also will be in different manner. Heroine Rakul also plays a main role in the movie with NTR.